Yoko Yano

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Motoharu Yano (Son)
Kazuya (Illegitimate Affair)

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Yuriko Fuchizaki

 Yoko Yano is the mother of Motoharu Yano.


Yoko is a gentle woman who is portrayed as someone who isn't a child but not yet a mature adult. It can be shown that she dearlly care for Motoharu despite the fact of him being an illegitimate child. Above all else, Motoharu is most important in her life.


Yoko is a middle aged woman with pale skin and black eyes and short black hair whose bangs are tucked behind the ears.


Back in high school, Yoko had a best friend whom she had gotten to know very well alongside with a man named Kazuya. Time went on and her best friend and Kazuya got married but Yoko didn't agree with the marrige because she wanted Kazuya for herself. Later in the years, Yoko and Kazuya had an affair and thus she became pregnant with Motoharu. Although she was pregnant with his child; Kazuya refused to accept neither Yoko or Motoharu. Kazuya later falls with an illness and dies, right before his death he wished to see Motoharu but it was too late. Yoko then revealed to Motoharu that Kazuya was actually his father.


In the anime Yoko rarely had any appearances until towards the end when she confesses to Motoharu that she wishes to get a divorce with her recent husband who is Motoharu's step father. She then goes on to say how she wishes to move to Tokyo in hopes of a better life and advancing her way onto "standing on her own". It is because of this reason that Motoharu and Nanami Takahashi have to part ways. During their time in Tokyo, Yoko develops a large tumor in her back that she had once ignored. Time progressed and the cancer became worse. She refused to accept any medical treatment because she believed that it wouldn't make a difference. Motoharu decides that he wishes to see Nanami who is back in Hokkaido and leave his mother for a few. Yoko found this to be displeasing and couldn't take all the pressure and stress so she assumingly hung herself before the cancer could kill her thus resulting in her death.