Following Motoharu's confession during the Cultural Festival, Nanami is so thrilled from the kiss that she couldn't sleep at all last night. The very next day, her friends discover what happened between them. Due to Nanami's lack of sleep, she has a hard time keeping up with all of the upcoming events. Yano helps her to remember everything by making her repeat after him. He casually slips in a movie date for the two of them without Nanami noticing. Shortly thereafter, once noticing, Namami feels such relief that she sleeps the rest of day. Nanami sleeps so soundly that she sleeps well into the afternoon missing a student council meeting. Thankfully, Yano went in her place and sorted out everything. Afterwards, they go on a date to the movies. They hold hands during the movie. At dinner, Nanami asks Yano what was his favorite part and he replies "the part when I got to hold your hand". Time passes by and winter comes. As the seasons change, Nanami begins thinking about what to give Yano for Christmas.